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 As an independent organizational psychologist retained by Firstlogic, Inc., I have known Eric Lieberman for nearly 20 years. In a diverse and challenging setting, I’ve seen him provide outstanding service as corporate counsel, business leader and as a member of the board of directors.  In each of these roles, Eric has demonstrated exceptional leadership and communication skills and an impressive awareness of technology. He is accessible and sensitive to the needs of others. Eric is within the top-10 tier of the many executives I have observed over my 40 years of professional practice. His broad and eclectic range of skills, talent, experience and know-how would benefit any organization that engages him.

Robert Thompson, Phd.

Eric and I worked together in a Strategic Alliance which delivered real value to both our organizations. He was a delight to work with – Intelligent creative a wonderful sense of humor and very straightforward in all our dealings

Rob MacdermottBusiness Consultant & Investor

 Eric Lieberman is to the role of CEO what an accomplished jazz musician is to great music. His fundamentals are perfect, but it’s his ability to improvise in a crisis or in pursuit of a bold new vision that makes him remarkable as a leader. He taught me what it means to lead: select people for character and capability; serve your employees unfailingly and unselfishly; hold yourself accountable every day to knocking down barriers; dream big and then pursue the dream relentlessly.

 Art Petty, author of  Leadership Caffeine and other works and the executive who transformed my marketing department and helped create the data quality industry

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to work with Eric Lieberman several times over the span of my career.   During the years working with Eric I have been continually awed at his ability to view business challenges as an opportunity to deliver increased customer value.  He is an exceptionally intelligent person with incredible depth of character.   I would describe Eric’s leadership style as being centered on empowerment and trust.   During his career he has been incredibly successful in building high performing teams that operate with a clear focus and purpose.

Jack Kalander, ‎VP, Customer Solutions and Support at Satori Software, Inc.

Eric is a highly skilled, thoughtful, and compassionate individual with a realistic understanding of what a President must do to achieve business results and shareholder return. He demonstrated high levels of initiative and achievement in his pursuit of additional leaning opportunities.  He has a proven track record of doubling revenues and achieving profitability. Eric is an excellent candidate for any technology company.

          Skip Patterson, former board member of Firstlogic and President and founder of PeopleThought, Inc.

I worked for Eric for 4 years and enjoyed his leadership style.  Eric led a company that was on the verge of going under and turned it into a business that was profitable and had industry leading technology.   Under Eric’s leadership I learned to round out my weak spots and turn my business unit into a market leading supplier of technology.

Don Higbee, former Firstlogic V.P. Government Technology and now happier than ever as a power sports competitor and owner of Driven Power Sports in Casper WY.

Twenty Rules to Making Business Decisions

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